HVAC Operations

HVAC Operations

Sitestar’s HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Operations are managed under HVAC Value Fund, LLC. This wholly-owned subsidiary is a joint venture between Sitestar and JNJ Investments, LLC. The primary focus of the fund is to acquire and operate HVAC companies in the Southwestern United States.

We started the company because we saw an opportunity to acquire strong HVAC companies from founders who had a need to monetize their investment. In some cases, this need arose because sellers were ready to transition out of the business, but did not have great succession opportunities. In other cases, sellers had a unique situation requiring a sale, and they stayed on as company leaders after the sale. We also saw opportunities in the industry for a company of scale to compete in a highly fragmented market.

If you are currently interested in selling your HVAC company, please contact us at HVAC@sitestarcorp.com.


Nathan Reid, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Reid, (CPA Inactive), is the founder of JNJ Investments, LLC, a business development company that has created several real estate funds, and is a partner in the HVAC Value Fund. Mr. Reid also manages a hedge fund based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Previous to starting HVAC Value fund, Mr. Reid was the founder of Southwest Realty and Property Management, LLC, which was recently sold to Realogy (RLGY), the largest public company in the real estate industry.

Alejandro Garrido, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Garrido is the Chief Operating Officer for HVAC Value Fund’s Group of Companies. Previously, he was the Chief Financial Officer for an International Freight Forwarding and Third Party Logistics Services provider in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mr. Garrido has more than 23 years of experience in various leadership roles in Operations Finance and FP&A with a strong background in ERP systems, business process improvements and organizational development. Mr. Garrido holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Texas – Pan-American.